Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blogworld Expo 2007 Review Day One

The first day of Blogworld Expo is underway. It is actually the Executive and Entrepreneur day today which costs much more than the two regular days on Thursday and Friday.

I was concerned before the conference started. First time event. Who knows who is running the show and if they have worked conferences before. No email confirmation when registering or making any changes. (Yes, I checked email filters and such. And I've heard from others that didn't get emails as well)

Thus far, it is an impressive show and beyond expectations. We'll see if it sustains itself when the masses join tomorrow. Well organized with lots of neat systems to help it run smoothly. Computer registration to reduce the check in line time. (Flashback to Pubcon and SES troubles in that area.) Nice booklet. Tons of signage. Good food, drinks and snacks. Lunch was hot with real silverware and cloth napkins. Also quite different from SES and Pubcon.

Sessions were solid. No sales pitches thus far. All just pure information and discussion at a high level. The only real disappointment was Huffington's cancellation for another higher priced appearance in NY.

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