Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blogworld Expo 2007 Day Two

Blogworld Expo and New Media Show Day Two is winding down. This was actually day one of the main conference. I'm counting the Executive and Entrepreneur day in my count. The show has continued to impress me as far as production, huge signs and technical aspects. You have to buy your own food today but at least guests are not paying for it in the cost of the pass. You do your own thing. There are pluses and minuses with that concept compared to conferences where you get box lunches. And those boxes that may or may not make you sick. I've spent a couple of past conference days at Search Engine Strategies either in the bathroom too often or just not feeling right. And when you see a sandwich with mayo put out at 9:30 in the morning for lunch several hours later, well you figure it out. But none of this is relevant with Blogworld Expo.

The morning keynote was with Wordpress Matt. (He doesn't need anymore links as any blogger knows). It was okay but nothing exciting. No news or real insight about anything. Matt is not a real dynamic speaker. And not everyone can be a great speaker so it's no big deal. I know I'd be horrible.

The morning session I chose was Monetizing Your Blog which featured Jeremy Schoemaker AKA Shoemoney. He is always an entertaining and a frank speaker who is bound to share something interesting that you can take away and use for yourself. I've seen and met him briefly a few times now at conferences. There is a select few people that I always look for on speaker schedules, knowing that something interesting will come out of the session, and he is one of them.

The show floor opened up and it was a pretty good one. There were four wide rows and it easy to maneuver through the crowds. Sometimes SES and Pubcon show floors are so cramped, it becomes a frustrating experience trying to schmooze. As usual, there are many new companies I've never heard of and will probably never hear of again. But that is normal. New companies launch and blow all their money on a show booth hoping to be bought, get VC funding or hit it big. Most of them just fade away leaving only pens and decaying signage in landfills to prove they ever existed.

More afternoon sessions filled up the day. All were good, well paced and without sales pitches. The final panel included heads of Technorati, Pajamas Media, Weblogs Inc, B5media and the founder of Blogger. It kept me awake but it was nothing noteworthy.

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