Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pubcon Las Vegas 2007

Another Pubcon is done. Cheers to Brett and the gang for another fine event. The same half a day's trouble with registration but I kind of expected it so I was there early before a line formed. It always makes me laugh when tech related events have glitches. We try to be so neat with computers or touch screens or printing on the spot. Based on recent conferences, I think maybe just an old 3x5 note card system would be better. Look up the name, bingo, there is the badge on it. Hand it out with a bag.

Instead events save those few no-show labels and waste tons of other peoples time.

No review sheets or feedback forms at the event which is odd. Comments are worthless if not gathered promptly so I'll have to write here if I don't get anything soon. Maybe an email link will come.



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