Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pubcon 2009 Was Great

Pubcon Las Vegas was great this year. After many of these events, I thought the conversation was at a very high level. Better than ever. People were serious and there was not much fluff going around. I didn't encounter too much of the old sales pitches at the sessions nor at the bars.

There were parties every night at various clubs on the strip. Some better than others. Some clubs are not told or don't understand that people want to talk at this events. They play the music so loud that you have to scream to be heard by the person right next to you. So those events, like the one this time around at Planet Hollywood, are pretty pointless. The next night was much better with the music at a lower volume until they opened the doors to the public. Then it was time to leave and head to a real bar where you could hear and talk again.

If you are serious about business on the internet and running your own show, it is the best mid to large scale event to attend.



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